I'm stopping by today with a #makeupmonday post. Yep, that's right! Bringing the 'ol Instagram tag to my little space here. When looking for clean beauty, it can be quite a challenge. Even though I try to do good by keeping the toxins at a ZERO, it can be hard sometimes. Some beauty can be clean, but I may not recognize the scientific name of something. (I've always been told "if you can't pronounce it, then you don't need it.") While I find this true, there are some things that are still OK to put on my skin, but I may not recognize them. That's MY fault and where I need to learn how to properly educate myself. Another hoop that us clean beauty lovers have to jump through is finding a company/brand worth supporting. Not all big companies are bad, but I much prefer showing love for a smaller brand. Let's face it, if it weren't for small businesses, we wouldn't know about the love and care that goes into products. We wouldn't get that feeling of doing something good for our "neighbors." I may even go as far to say that without small businesses, we wouldn't have huge companies like Amazon, for example. They may be big now, but they all started off somewhere in a small building or garage.

Five Petals is a brand I got to work with last year (the great year of 2020..) and I have honestly been blown away by their products. I've used their mineral eye shadow, lip glosses, mascara and concealer and have been a true fan of all of them. Their mascara gives Ilia mascara a run for it's money. That's all I'm gonna say! This beautiful eye shadow is the perfect pale pink for my everyday use. I'm not much of a colorful gal when it comes to my eyeshadows. I tend to keep them lightened up due to my dark circles. (darker eye makeup can bring out your dark under eyes). So this pink shade was right up my alley. What I love about this shadow is I can use it dry OR wet my brush just a tad and apply the shadow with a soft glide. In case you're wondering, this shade is called B - SOMEBODY. (btw, they have really cute names for all their products)

Five Petals is made of natural/organic, chemical-free, vegan products such as shadows, lippies, highlighters, mascara, etc. Since they don't have harsh chemicals, they are great for people who have sensitive skin, like myself. They also have beauty tools which I plan on getting soon, because I'm in dire need of some new brushes. I recommend you read their story. I love seeing why people start their companies, especially when they're for non-toxic products. You can read their story here.

OK, so you want a little more incentive to try them out, huh? I get it. Well, you're in luck because you can use my discount code on your first order. Just use code STYLEDLEMON20 for 20% off! I don't get a kick back on this. I just love their products so much so the owner decided to give me a discount code to share with all of my readers! 

I'm thinking of making the Makeup Monday on the blog a thing. So if anyone has any suggestions on brands they want to see reviewed please let me know in the comments. I hope everyone has a great week ahead!


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