Happy Sunday, Lemon Heads! OK, maybe I shouldn't name my readers after a tart candy. Hmm... they are delicious though. Have you ever had them? I remember eating them as a kid. The summer day care I went to always took us to the skating rink and I would buy Lemon Heads every time! I haven't had them in years and I probably wouldn't even be able to eat them now, which honestly saddens me. I used to love sour/tart candies, but I can't eat many of them anymore. Heck, I tried to eat a jolly ranch the other day and my mouth puckered up so tight. Ugh....getting older is an interesting thing isn't it. One day you like something, the next day you can't eat it. You didn't like something when you were younger and now you eat it all the time (I'm looking at you brussels sprouts!) 

So you're maybe wondering what the point of this post is. I just seem to ramble until someone stops me. I don't know if I have a particular point of my post today, but there are a few things on my mind and I feel like this is the platform to do it. I see a lot of people on Instagram talking about certain products that you should just NEVER use and it got me thinking. Should WE never use them or maybe just SOME people not use them? Or, maybe educate yourself on what ingredients work for you instead of listening to what others think you should put on YOUR skin. I mean, we're all different, right? "One man's trash is another man's treasure." So, I say "one man's St. Ives is another man's Dior." We aren't one size fits all so why should our skincare be?

Now, I know I'm going to lose some of you here, but just bare with me. I use coconut oil as an oil cleanser sometimes. WHAT?? I know, I know! Let's take a second for your eyes to pop back into your head and your gaping mouth to come to a relaxed position.......

Are you good now? Coconut oil is a very controversial thing in the skincare community. Believe it or not, I get it! If used on a regular basis and you leave it sitting on your skin, it can clog your pores and cause some major breakout sessions on your face. So you know what, I don't do that!! When I'm extra dry or don't have an oil cleanser sitting around, I grab coconut oil, because we always have it in our house. It's a staple! I wouldn't say I use coconut oil on my face even on an occasional basis. It's just every "blue moon" if you will. I simply rub a small amount onto my face just to get it nice and oily and then wash it off and follow with my regular cleanser. Then of course follow that up with my serums, toners, etc. 

I say all this, because it really irks me when I see others get on their pedestal and shout from the rooftops how "no one should use..." such and such product. Is coconut oil something everyone should use - no. Is it something that someone could use - sure..IF it suits them. I've been known to post funny memes in my IG stories stating that St. Ives is a no-no brand. I think we've all been there. Of course, I use St. Ives as an example, because I used it in high school and it tore up my face. BUT, that doesn't mean it doesn't work for someone else. This was inadvertently pointed out to me by someone a while back. He actually used St. Ives and found it to work on his blemished skin. This is where this whole thought process began, because I realized at that moment, that I was doing the very thing that I hated other people doing. What gave me the right to criticize someone's skincare product, when I was getting perturbed with others criticizing coconut oil? Now, you're probably reading this and saying "Girl, I wouldn't use either of these!" But again, that's the whole point isn't it? 

I guess bottom line is this: Why don't we all just talk about what does/doesn't work for OUR skin? If you want to try a product or ingredient that sounds interesting to you, then do it. Doesn't always mean it will work, but a lot of skincare is trial and error. I come from the rule of "everything in moderation is OK." So, let's just remember that as we all go through our skincare journey. 

Is there anything you have used or currently use that works for you, but has been shunned by others? I want to know your thoughts!




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