My Day of Making DIY Products

Hey guys!

I had a fun day of making DIY beauty products and wanted to share it with you! We all know that I'm a sucker for anything DIY especially when it comes to what we put on our skin! Let me know if you try any of these products. I would love to know how they work for you!

Let's start with my favorite roll-on's. I love a good essential oil roll on. They are quick and easy to make and the perfect size to take anywhere. I keep some in my Caboodle (yes, my pink 90's inspired caboodle), my makeup bag, and in the pocket of my purse. You will never catch me without some type of roll on. The two recipes below aren't for beauty, but they are necessary for anyone who experiences headaches and body aches. 

HEADACHE roll on:

2 drops Peppermint essential oil
2 drops Spearmint essential oil
2 drops Lavender essential oil
1 drop Eucalyptus essential oil

Fill up the rest of the roller bottle with coconut oil.

Massage this into your temples and back of your neck. Be careful not to get this into your eyes.

BACK PAIN roll on:

My husband suffers with lower back pain a lot. I like to use this blend on his lower back and then follow up with a massage. He has noticed some relief each time I've used it.

4 drops Eucalyptus essential oil
3 drops Lavender essential oil
2 drops Lemon essential oil
2 drops Copaiba essential oil

Fill the rest of the roller bottle with carrier oil, such as jojoba oil or almond oil.

Now we're on to the beauty segment! DIY beauty is probably my favorite thing in the world. No joke! Does that make me a nerd? Probably so, but I'm totally OK with that!


I actually got this recipe from One Essential Community.  This recipe calls for more than the average DIY ingredients so you may have to do some shopping, but this lotion is made without fragrances and other chemicals which is way I love it. Most lotions break out my skin, but this doesn't leave me patchy and actually smooths my skin. It's more of a solid lotion, so if you don't like lotion bars, then this recipe may not be for you.  


This recipe couldn't get any easier! 
2 parts brown sugar
1 part coconut oil

Mix ingredients together and voila! You have your scrub. I like to use this scrub before I jump in the shower. This exfoliating scrub takes off all the dead skin and I can wash everything off as soon as I jump in the shower. The coconut oil acts as a moisturizer, even when I get out of the shower. If any of you have used coconut oil on your skin before, you know it doesn't come off super easy, which makes it great for this scrub! Your skin will feel so soft! I recommend using this quickly because there are no preservatives in this scrub and it can go bad quickly.


This is another great recipe I got from a fellow blogger, The Nerdy Farm Wife. Not only is it a great product, it lasted forever!!! I highly recommend this one if you want to moisturize your eye area.

Now that I have given you some of my favorite DIY's, I am heading off to take care of housework. Does it ever end?

Until next time...



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