Organizing my essential oils

Hello my lovely readers! I hope everyone is having a great summer! Louisiana feels like a giant boiling pot this time of year, but we have been able to enjoy time on the lake a little bit. To start off your Monday, I wanted to talk about essential oil organization. If you love essential oils as much as I do, chances are you have lots of oils taking over space in your home. I have seen lots of essential oil addicts use wooden organization trays mounted on the wall, but we have limited wall space in our master bath, which is where I like to keep all my oils and jars. I also wanted something portable, because when I make certain concoctions, such as lotions, I have to use my stove. Instead of going back and forth, it's just easier to be able to tote them all around.

After many months of trying to figure out the best solution, I came across someone that was using a train case for their essential oil storage. I thought it was such a great idea that I told my husband I wanted one for Christmas and that I had found one on Amazon.

Here's a link to one that is similar

This is one of the best purchases that we made, in my opinion. Some of you may not want one as large and I understand that. They make smaller ones, but I'm always making something with my oils and constantly found myself needing more organization so I needed something larger. It just works perfectly!

As you can see, this opens up to four levels on each side, giving me eight levels all-together with an extra space in the bottom!

Here's a closer look of the four levels and the bottom of the case. The bottom also has dividers, but these are not removable. I like to put my larger items on the bottom and a few pamphlets/books that have fun concoctions to make.

As you can see, I still have room to add more oils. One thing I love about this case is it has removable dividers so I can make a row larger or smaller if I need to. (Don't mind my random coffee packet. I'm saving it for a face scrub!)

In case you're wondering, most of my supplies were either bought from Amazon or Mountain Rose Herbs. If you haven't checked out Mountain Rose Herbs, you should do yourself a favor. They have so many fun ingredients to help you make your own clean, non-toxic beauty and health products. 

These labels came with my amber glass jars so I keep them in my train case as well for when I make a new eye cream, moisturizer, etc. 

I hope this helps for any of my readers that are looking for a place to keep all of their essential oils and jars organized. It really works for me and I couldn't be happier with it!


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