Natural fabric softener using wool dryer balls

A while back I posted my chemical-free laundry soap and that has been the most viewed post up to date. This tells me that you guys like non-toxic options for all of your laundry needs, so today I want to tell you about a great fabric softener to use in the dryer - wool dryer balls! They are a great alternative to the toxic Snuggle dryer sheets. Sure, we love the Snuggle bear mascot. He's cute, right? Well, you can still get a cute mascot with Eco Nuts Wool Dryer Balls. How cute is this little sheep?

I had actually never heard of this brand before, but I came across these dryer balls while shopping in TJMaxx. I was so excited to find wool dryer balls and give them try. I can honestly say my clothes and towels are softer than before. What's even better is the drying time. We have a high efficiency washer and dryer which are known for using less energy, but having the wool dryer balls shortens the drying time even more. It's not a huge difference, but it's enough for me to take notice.

My favorite part about wool dryer balls is they are reusable. The box says they can be used for thousands of loads! I spent $14.99 for these. If I were buying Snuggle dryer sheets, I would pay roughly around $5.97 for a box of 200 sheets. For a thousand loads, I would have to buy 5 boxes. That comes out to around $29.85 plus tax. It may not be a huge difference in price, but after one use, they have to be thrown out whereas the wool dryer balls are reusable over and over again. Buying dryer sheets is just like throwing money away. 

Wool dryer balls aren't scented, but you can put a few drops of you favorite essential oils on them to give your laundry any fresh scent you like. Since it's Spring, I've been thinking of adding a nice citrus scent! They are super easy to clean, too. Just put them inside of a pair of pantyhose (or a sock) and wash and dry as normal with the rest of your laundry. 

If you already use wool dryer balls, I would love to know what you think of them!


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