My Thrifting Side Hustle

Hey guys! 

As promised in my Instagram post last week, I am going to tell you about my side hustle - thrifting! My husband and I just got back from a mini vacation where we went to all the thrift shops looking for those special finds. We mostly hit up Goodwill, but we will look at any thrift store that catches our eye. We didn't have huge success this trip, but we did find some good items and most of all - had fun! I have to apologize for not including many photos. My photo-taking game was not on point ☹️ However, to make up for it, I included a couple pictures of my cute pups. Who doesn't like pictures of cute dogs?!

 So, where do I sell? 
 I mainly sell clothes on Poshmark, but I just started dipping my toes into Etsy for the vintage clothing that I've come across. Vintage is really my true passion. I love coming across pieces that feel one-of-a-kind and have a story to tell. I imagine the women who wore these dresses and where they were going. Was it a date...a birthday party? Whatever it was, I love being able to give it a new life in someone else's wardrobe. When someone buys a vintage piece from me, I get so excited!

Poshmark is a fun platform because it's all social. Most poshers will help you out, if you help them out. Each seller has a "closet" where their items are showcased. If you share another seller's closet, they will most likely share yours. It's just good etiquette. There's also a variety of Poshmark Facebook groups to help you out if you have any questions - what are good brands to sell, customer service inquiries, etc. They're also great for a boost if you're having a slow month, because most times other sellers are having a slow month, too.

 Why did I choose reselling?
 I started reselling as a way to bring in some extra income because we were making a few changes in our household. It can be a lot of work, especially with clothes, but it can also be a lot of fun. I knew nothing about reselling when I started. Nothing! All I can say, is thank you to the creators of YouTube, because that's pretty much how I learned everything that I know now.

Can reselling be a full-time business?
Absolutely! As I mentioned earlier, this is not my full time business. I have a full-time job working for "the man." I'm still trying to figure out if reselling is something I want to do full time, so I can't answer from experience, but I've seen some Poshmark sellers turn their business into full time and they are doing amazing!

What items are best for to sell if you don't like clothes?
If you're thinking about reselling but aren't sure where to start, that is okay. Think about what your interests are. What hobbies do you like? I like selling vintage because I love it, but I couldn't sell outdoor products because that's not something I know about. I learned quickly if I try to sell something that I have no interest in, my motivation will be pretty much non-existent. If you love vintage video games, then give that a try. The great thing about reselling is you can always try different categories to see what works for you.

Last but not least...
My number one tip would be to start off by selling something that you already own. We all have at least one item that we never use or that dress we never wear (but we're saving it for that special occasion that never happens). This is a great way to get you started without spending any money. If you like it, then you can start going to thrift stores and turning your items into profit.

If you are a reseller, I would love to know what your favorite flip has been. It's always fun to hear other resellers' stories. If you are new to the reselling game and have any questions, feel free to ask me about it. I'm still no expert but I have definitely learned a thing or two about this business within the past year  :)


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