Chemical Free Laundry Soap

Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Today I want to share a laundry soap recipe that I found from Mom4Real. She shares lots of fun ideas on DIY, recipes and home decor. If you are looking for a blog to bring out your creativity, I highly recommend you check her out!

Why I prefer to make my own laundry soap

Have you ever looked at the ingredients that come inside of a box of laundry soap or detergent? I can hardly pronounce half of them, let alone know what they are. Most laundry soaps include a list of ingredients that are carcinogens and other irritants. Let's take Tide for example. Tide is a very popular brand - one that I used to use before my chemical-free journey. I went to Tide's website and listed all the ingredients below that were listed for their Tide with Febreeze.

Tide detergent ingredients:

That's a large list of ingredients that I have no idea what they are. I don't know about you, but I like knowing what's in my products especially if it's going in or on my body. Our skin is our largest organ. Anything that is put onto our skin will absorb into our body.

I've already told you guys about my love for Dr. Bronner's! I love that it can be used in so many recipes - dish soap, laundry soap, face wash, shampoo, produce wash...the list goes on. I think it works great as a laundry soap and it leaves my clothes smelling fresh and feeling soft! I use the lavender and citrus castille soaps in my recipe and it's perfect. It's not strong at all, which is great.

*I made a small change to the recipe that I made, but it's basically the same measurements and ingredients. This works well with my HE washer so it should be fine for all high-efficiency washers.

To make: 
2 cups hot water (the hot water helps the other ingredients dissolve)
1 cup baking soda
1/3 cup salt
1 cup castille soap (if using two scents, use 1/2 cup for both)

To use:
Measure 1/4 cup

Please note:
Her recipe adds essential oils, but I chose not to add any since I prefer a lighter smell, but if you want a little more scent, essential oils would be a great addition.

The ingredients will separate after settling. That's due to not having the chemical ingredient(s) that keeps everything from separating. All you have to do is shake well before using.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and don't forget to check out Mom4Real's blog for some great DIY's!



  1. What is the purpose of salt in this recipe? Thank you! Carol

    1. Hi Carol! Salt is supposed to help keep colors from bleeding in the wash and also help take the "yellowing" out of whites. Hope this helps :)

    2. Is any salt okay to use

  2. Hey sweetie! It's Lia from IG, I just found your blog & this is so crazy bc I've been srsly wanting to remove fragrance from my products, especially wanting smth to replace toxin & perfume filled detergent! I'm glad I found this & now have a reference point from someone I adore to help me out! I really love scented detergents just don't love how toxic synthetic perfumes can be (they can be really harmful to endocrine system) & been curious about adding essential oils, esp for laundry & looking for good alternatives to nasty perfumes. I know that there's a movement of
    more mainstream brands & consumers making tbd switch to clean, CF brands & it is amazing to see the push for brands to be more transparent than ever!
    .ps: I love that this is a diy recipe & I will def be trying. For those family & friends who won't do DIY, do u know of any brands that keep it THIS simple, maybe have added EO's & a few other natural ingredients for stability,? Tysm for the article,
    xoxo- LIs

  3. Does this laundry soap work with HE washers?

    1. I came across another blog where they said if you have a HE to cut it in half. I believe they meant the Castile soap

  4. Will this work on greasy clothes and mud caked clothes?

  5. Would you be able to get same cleansing results using a few drops of essential oils?

  6. Hello - what type of salt should I use?

  7. How many loads does this make? Do we use 1/4 cup per load? Thank you.

  8. How much total volume does this recipe make? 1 gallon?

    1. I just made this today and it filled a quart canning jar 1/2 in from the top

  9. How much detergent do I use for each load?

  10. Wondering if you happen to know if this is safe for septics?


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