My Favorite Breakfast Bowl

Hey guys! I want to share one of my favorite breakfasts with you. Breakfast is such an important meal of the day and even though I don't always eat breakfast, I try to make an effort to at least have something to jump start my metabolism. This past weekend, I made an oatmeal breakfast bowl with some delicious fruits and proteins.

I follow many health food accounts on social media and my mouth waters every time I see a breakfast bowl. What I love about the bowls, is you can put it together however you want. You can use oatmeal or quinoa as your base, then you add your favorite fruits, healthy fats and protein.

This bowl is made of the following:

Blueberries are amazing antioxidants that are said to reduce signs of aging as well as improve brain function! They are also low on the GI scale so they won't spike your blood sugar :)

Strawberries are great to add when you need a good sweetener but don't want any added, processed sugar. I love, love, love strawberries and guess what - they're antioxidant as well! They are known to reduce the chance of heart attack and stroke and also lower your blood pressure.

Almond butter is probably in my top five favorite foods. I can't get enough of it! Barney Butter is my favorite but there are plenty to choose from. I like to add a tbsp of almond butter for a nice contrast so that my bowl isn't too sweet. It's made up of omega-3's and good fats and is known for lowering your cholesterol.

Hemp seeds contain essential amino acids so it's a complete source of protein. I really like the mild, nutty taste they give off. I also like adding them to my salads. They're so good!

Coconut oil is a huge staple in our house. It literally has over 100 ways to be used! It's great for your skin and overall health. You can ingest it or use it topically, such as a moisturizer. For this recipe, I mixed a tbsp of it in my oatmeal and allowed it to melt before pouring it in the bowl.

Rolled oats are perfect for breakfast! Of course, you can use them for oatmeal, but you can also add them in muffins and in smoothies! They keep you fuller longer which makes it great for your morning meal.

Cinnamon is another natural sweetener. It's important to use when eating sweets because it helps regulate your blood sugar. Plus, it delicious!

Melissa's Clean Snax - coconut with chia and flaxseed. I like to add these for a good crunch! They are packed with nutrient-dense ingredients and they're vegetarian, low sodium, and have no artificial ingredients.

*If it's still not sweet enough for you, you can add some pure maple syrup or honey to make it nice and sweet!


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