Getting organized with Erin Condren

On my last post, I briefly talked about my Erin Condren planner that I bought at HomeGoods for $7.99. I'm still in shock! Today I want to talk about why I love EC Lifestyle Planners and how they work for me. If you want to start using a planner but are unsure how to organize it, I want to share some tips with you. If you want any further details after reading my post, go check out Youtube for some great ideas on how to use your very own Erin Condren planner. There are tons of tips! One of my personal favs is Belinda Selene. She has a great channel!

Erin Condren has three types of layouts - vertical, horizontal and hourly. I prefer to use the vertical.

The vertical works best for me because it's divided into three sections. This was mainly set up so that you could break out your days by morning, afternoon and evening; however, I think that's changed since so many of us have found new ways to use these columns. I personally like to separate the rows by "personal", "blog" and "Poshmark." 

My "personal" row is pretty self explanatory. It's anything that is going on in my personal life that I need to remember - birthdays, appointments, etc. My "blog" row is where I like to write down ideas for my upcoming blog posts, when I need to post them and props I want to use. The "Poshmark" row is where I set reminders on items I need to add to my closet, follow a hundred closets, etc. (I haven't talked about Poshmark on my blog yet, but I will in an upcoming post!)

The pages in my picture are mostly blank because I didn't want to share anything personal that I had written down, but you get the idea. Some of my fellow planners get very creative with theirs, but I'm just not that artsy. I wish I were because some of them are done beautifully! 

The very left side has a section where you can write any bullet points, important reminders/notes, a grocery list or anything you don't want to list in your actual calendar section. I like to use this for blog ideas. Whichever ideas I don't go with, I will carry them over to the following week. The bottom lines are great to write down goals/tasks. I have seen where some girls use these lines to keep track of their daily water intake, which I'm strongly considering doing as well. 

One thing I love about EC planners are the coils. My current planner doesn't have the coils since it's a hardbound, but the ones with coils are great for adding other papers and other EC supplies to your planner. EC planners are also personalized so you can get very creative in building the planner that you want. You choose your cover (which you can switch out if you have the coils), personalize the cover with your name, school, etc, choose your colors, the list goes on. She even has hardbound planners for guys!

Using a planner not only keeps me organized, but it also keeps me motivated. I sit down each week and write out what I need to do for the upcoming week. I hate seeing tasks written down that I have not completed, so this keeps me in line so that I can mark each one with a check mark!

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