Chemical-free Hand Soap

Today I want to share my favorite hand soap recipe! It smells so good and I use it in all of our bathrooms. Before I get to the recipe, I want to make a few notes. This can be used with any Dr. Bronner's castille soaps. I have used this with the lavender, almond and unscented soaps. They have all worked fine for me, but the rose is my favorite! As of right now, they do not have the rose available to buy (insert sad face). It was a temporary release some time last year, but I'm hoping they will bring it back.

Now, onto the other ingredients:

Vitamin E - this particular Vitamin E oil is actually a blend of Vitamin E, almond oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil, apricot oil and wheat germ. This blend helps retain the moisture so your hands don't dry out. Vitamin E oil is also great for anti-aging so you can use this as a moisturizing treatment a couple times a week. Bad cuticles? No problem. Rub some Vitamin E oil on your cuticles and watch those babies look good as new.

Castor Oil - just like the Vitamin E oil blend, Castor Oil keeps your skin moisturized and is great for anti-aging. Castor Oil has been used for beauty benefits for years - I'm talking early Egyptians! If there's one thing I've learned in life, it's that our ancestors knew what they were doing. They didn't need all of the fancy beauty products that we have now. They kept it simple. Castor Oil is great for hair growth, getting rid of stretch marks and treating acne.

You can have fun with making this soap. If you have multiple bathrooms, why not have a different scent for each one?

For added aroma, you can use a few drops of essential oils. I personally love using lavender essential oil for that fresh, floral scent. Don't like lavender? Citrus works well, too but be careful with citrus essential oils. They are not good to use in plastic containers and they can eat away at the lining.

If you feel like you need something more antibacterial, tea tree oil and thieves essential oil are both really good for killing germs. I personally don't feel the need to use them, because Dr. Bronner's IS soap, but I know some of you may opt for something a bit stronger and that is totally okay!

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