Collagen boost - product review

By now, I'm sure most of you have heard of collagen and how it's important to take it as you get older. About a year ago, I decided to give it a shot. This is what I've determined!

Before taking the collagen peptides, I had horrible skin and always felt...blah! Now, to be fair, there are other factors that cause this feeling of fatigue and my skin has always been anything but perfect. If I could go back to my teenage years, I promise I would take care of my skin every day! Sigh, the joys of being young and oblivious.

Over the years, I've striven to take better care of my skin and overall health, so trying collagen peptides was something I was bound to jump on eventually. Vital Proteins makes a collagen peptides powder. It helps to promote healthy joints, skin and nails, while also helping your gut health. I like to add the powder to my coffee in the mornings, but I've also added it to my smoothies. Keep in mind, it dissolves much better in hot liquids. There is virtually no taste, grit, etc. You don't even know it's there.

Confession time: I'm terrible at growing out my fingernails. I have anxiety which causes me to pick at them until they're down to nothing. I've been like this my whole life. Since starting the collage peptides, my nails have continuously grown to where I know have beautiful, lady fingers. Ha!

My hair and skin have improved since my collagen regime as well. My skin is glowing. My hair is softer. I feel like a new person. My digestion has improved greatly! I haven't tried any of their other products yet, but once I do I will give them a review as well.

Bottom line: If you haven't tried incorporating collagen peptides into your daily regime, I recommend giving them a try. If you already use collagen peptides, tell me what you think. I would love to hear if they have worked for you as well.


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