10 Inexpensive Date Night Ideas

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to create a list of some fun, inexpensive Date Night ideas. My husband and I are currently on a budget so we have to watch how much money we spend. With that said, date nights are important to me, because with everything going on in our daily life and social media, it's hard to really spend some one on one time with each other. Solution: Cheap Togetherness :)

1. Netflix - instead of spending $20 at a movie theater (you have to get snacks!), why not turn on some Netflix and find a movie you both want to watch? Chances are you probably already have some type of snack in your house anyway, but if not, just run to the nearest store and grab some goodies. It will still cost you less than going to an actual movie.

2. Cook at home - This is one of my favorites. Depending on what you cook, you can make a nice meal on the cheap. Make it romantic by dimming the lights and lighting a few candles on the table for some ambiance. Extra: Put on your favorite date night attire to make it more special.

3. Picnic in the park - Daytime dates can be so much fun! Why not pack a lunch and head out to your favorite park? Have a favorite pizza joint? Pick up a pizza before arriving to your destination. This is a great date for Spring because it's not too hot or too cold.

4. Berry/Apple Picking - If you live in an area that has berry or apple picking, this would be a fun way to spend a Saturday. It's on my bucket list! Who wouldn't want to go pick berries? I absolutely love fresh, organic berries and think it would be so nice to eat the very ones that I picked myself.

5. Celestial Vibes - If the night sky is clear, grab a blanket and go look at the stars! The beauty about this is you could do this in your own backyard or if you prefer to go to a park or some other space, you can. It's totally up to you. Not only is it relaxing, but it is totally romantic.

6. Explore Your Hometown - Become a tourist of your own city. Go walking downtown (day or night), check out the local shopping districts or pubs. Find that hidden hole-in-the-wall place that no one knows about. Half of the fun would be experiencing this together!

7. Christmas Lights - This one is obviously seasonal but nothing puts you in the Christmas mood more than driving around looking at lights! Grab a coffee or hot chocolate and drive around your favorite neighborhoods! Some towns even put on large displays that you can drive through.

8. Bonfire - Okay, maybe not a huge fire, but if you have a fire pit or something of that nature, build a fire and roast marshmallows or make S'mores! The still of the night will create time for you two to catch up on life and possibly talk about things you have yet to discover about each other.

9. Pumpkin patch - Who says pumpkin patches are for kids? Pick up your favorite pumpkin, take it back to the house and carve it. If you're not artistic, this would be really fun to create and laugh at yourselves during the process.

10. Road Trip - Take a mini road trip without a particular destination in mind. This would be for the more adventurous couples. If you're anything like me, you're probably a planner. Everything needs to be planned out and have an itinerary when I go out of town. Even though this is what calms me down, it's also fun being sporadic. It creates more of an adventure. Driving without a destination could bring you to a small town that you never knew existed and you could find your new favorite bakery!


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