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  I'm stopping by today with a #makeupmonday post. Yep, that's right! Bringing the 'ol Instagram tag to my little space here. When looking for clean beauty, it can be quite a challenge. Even though I try to do good by keeping the toxins at a ZERO, it can be hard sometimes. Some beauty can be clean, but I may not recognize the scientific name of something. (I've always been told "if you can't pronounce it, then you don't need it.") While I find this true, there are some things that are still OK to put on my skin, but I may not recognize them. That's MY fault and where I need to learn how to properly educate myself. Another hoop that us clean beauty lovers have to jump through is finding a company/brand worth supporting. Not all big companies are bad, but I much prefer showing love for a smaller brand. Let's face it, if it weren't for small businesses, we wouldn't know about the love and care that goes into products. We wouldn't get t

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